What a mind-blowing kind of event is the Back to School Party! Obviously, this party is about welcoming the new school year for everybody. Admit it, when you want to have new-look, you always think fabulous dresses such as homecoming and cocktail dresses, right? To tell you, that’s a nice choice to wear in that certain party. But, what if you’re also assigned for the music to be played during that night? Another hassle will add unto you. Take my lists of party music and you’re going to enjoy the night effortlessly.

Old School by Luoy Fierce – Though the lyrics are not so suitable for the said party, the rhythm of the song feels everybody’s beautiful. It’s a cool rap song that can be played during the beginning of your party.

Get It Started by Pitbull ft. Shakira – “Let’s get started for life!” It’s a statement from Pitbull that will encourage everybody to get started for another school year. As you can see this in their official music video, an awesome homecoming dress of Shakira and girls with their fabulous cocktail dresses were being exposed. Try to reflect on it and I assure you, you will have a precise and wary choice in terms of your dress in the Back to School Party.


Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock – This will never be out of the list in any party. Remember its title, it’s an anthem. Aside from it, it always helps the party to be out of boredom.

Gold by Victoria Justice – It’s time to express your feelings to your ultimate crush in the campus through this song. As Victoria Justice sings this video, she was so fabulous in his cocktail dresses. May her dresses encourage you to wear this kind of dress during the event!

Feel This Moment by Pitbull & Christina Aguilar – Whatever vexatious thing may come during this party, this song always reminds you that always feel this moment for it is just once a year in your school affair. Through this song, bothersome things or happenings could never pull you down in this tremendous moment! Just listen to the song and you’ll look cool in those gorgeous homecoming and cocktail dresses.

Party Ain’t Over by Usher & Pitbull – As the night’s going deeper and boredom slightly exists, it’s a perfect song to play! It is a courageous song for everybody that party’s not yet over. So, enjoy the welcoming of new school year and have fun all night long!

The right kind of music is vital in every party. Adding groove to the gathering always makes it a party to reminisce.